Standard Features

Our 20 meter is one of the lightest 20 meter’s available on the market and surprises business owners with its ability to accomplish all types of small jobs. A small outrigger footprint and Z-Fold Boom, you will consistently find more and more ways to use this on challenging jobsites.

Hydraulic System with Manual Overrides
Our pumps feature an adaptive hydraulic system, giving you the confidence to get the job done, even in emergency situations. In the event of an electrical malfunction, the entire system can continue to pump in a manual mode.

Split Panel Electrical System
The electrical system is extremely user friendly. The smaller switch panel at the rear of the pump minimizes clutter and eliminates long wiring looms that deteriorate with time.

Optioned to Suit Your Needs
We have every option available to accommodate your specific needs. From different lighting kits and splash guards to custom paint, graphics and design, we will ensure your concrete pump is outfitted for the kinds of work you do.

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S-Valve Manifold
Directs oil flow to either shift cylinder. Accumulator pressure is also utilized to control the main pump controllers. All electrical functions have manual over-rides.

Main Pump Cell Manifold
Directs oil to the pumping cylinders. All electrical functions have manual over-rides. The main pumping system is an open loop circuit, which reduces heat in the hydraulic system.

Boom Control Valve
The Hawe Controller Valve operates the boom functions and supplies oil for the outrigger circuit. This valve is fully proportional.

Main Pump
This is the main pump which delivers oil for the pumping cylinders. Accumulator pump, boom pump and accessory pumps are all Roxroth.

Hydraulic Oil Cooler
The fan is operated by a hydraulic motor for efficiency and maximum cooling and is controlled by a temperature sensor, with a manual over-ride.

Radio Remote Controls
Our standard package is equipped with Omnex Radio Controls, including two transmitters. The transmitter can also be utilized as a hard wire controller. The data cable plugs directly into the transmitter and into the receiver making the transmitter a proportional hard wire box. With the hard wire plugged into the transmitter, the battery is not necessary.

Hawe Load Holding Valve
Industry standard on boom cylinders to hold the boom in position.

Boom, Outriggers and Turret
Structures are all made of Oxelosund-Weldox structural steel.

Split Panel
Common relays are utilized along with ATO fuses. The smaller switch panel at the rear of the pump minimizes clutter and eliminates long wiring looms that deteriorate with time.

EasyClean 600L Hopper
Carbide Tungsten wear parts and 60mm agitator shafts.

Hopper Vibrator
Standard on all Boom Pumps and Truck-Mounted Line Pumps, our Hopper Vibrator helps you tackle those harsh mixes.

Hopper Auto Lube
Moving parts in the hopper assembly are lubricated by a Lincoln Auto Lube system.

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Alliance Concrete Pumps

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20 meter Z-Fold Boom Pump - Concrete Pump




28 Z-Fold Boom Pump - Concrete Pump

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Alliance Concrete Pumps

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Boom Specifications

Vertical Reach 20.0m (65'7")
Horizontal Reach 16.2m (53'2")
Unfolding Height 3.98m (12'11")
1st Section Length 5.5m (18')
2nd Section Length 3.52m (11'6")
3rd Section Length 3.54m (11'7")
4th Section Length 3.64m(11'11")
Front Spread 3.68m (12'1")
Rear Spread 2.63m (8'7")

Pump Specifications

Output: Rod Side 96m³/h (126yd³/h)
Output: Piston Side 65m³/h (85yd³/h)
Pressure: Rod Side 75bar (1087psi)
Pressure: Piston Side 112bar (1624psi)
Concrete Cylinder Diameter 200mm (8")
Concrete Cylinder Type Hard chromed
S-tube Size 8" x 7"
Main Oil Pump Kawasaki 180 cc
Hydraulic System Pressure 350 bar (5076 psi)
Lube System (Hopper) Automatic
Switching System Hydraulic
Hopper Capacity Easy Clean 600L (158G)
Number of Strokes/Min 31
Output Control Range 5(7)~96m³/h 126yd³/h

General Specifications

Pipe Size(ID) 125 mm (5")
Boom Control Valve Proportional (by HAWE)
Radio Remote Dual Wireless Transmitter System
Vibrator Standard
Water Pump Hydraulic Power
Water Tank 500L (132gal)
Wear Parts Carbide
Popular Upgrades

LED Boom Light Kits
LED Outrigger Lights

Heated Water Tank

Heated Hydraulic Tank


Twin Wall Pipe


Chassis Options

Kenworth ChasisFreightliner Chassis Mack Chassis Peterbilt Chassis
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